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New and Improved

Welcome to the new, improved website. If I could gather friends, family, peers, and experts from around the world over coffee or tea I would. Until that global gathering is possible then this website will serve us well.

With the help of Doug from oneMISSION.tv we are up and running. We have added some features. Like cup holders in a car, you can never have too many features. Through this website you can:

  • Send me a personal message

  • Connect to my personal Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts

  • Listen to my podcast interviews with others while you are waiting or driving

  • Receive regular newsletters with breaking news and inspirational interviews

  • Subscribe to receive notifications when new items are posted

  • Share the site with your family, friends, and peers

  • Use an article or podcast as a discussion starter with friends

We have integrated three major ways to have conversations with one another. I will be blogging, creating podcast interviews with inspirational people, and writing newsletters. You can offer feedback it you desire. You can involve yourself in the discussions or visit the site privately for your own personal enjoyment. It is up to you.

Large Conversations

We will discuss major subjects like God, leadership, faith, church planting, culture, and secondhand faith. The tagline on the website is “Asking questions to find a better way.” I mean that. Looking back over the years, I discovered the biggest developments in my life came when I was curious and willing to change. Not everyone who visits the site is going to have the same point of view or the same convictions. My hope is that we will respect one another and dialogue in a healthy manner when the subject leads to conversations. We are going to explore why we believe what we do and why we behave as we do. By asking questions each one of us can find a better way.

Inspirational Lives

One of my goals is to report frequently the blessings that I see coming to the region. My days are filled interacting with inspirational people. I want this site to tell their stories. A young married couple launched a church while the wife fought cancer. A church planter wore 4 military uniforms during his service to our country before re-planting a church in northern Michigan. A native Detroit man whose grandmother’s love transformed his heart and now he is planting a church in his childhood neighborhood. A man played professional basketball in Europe and earned a degree to become a teacher until God called him to plant a church in Southfield. A church planter is creating a new congregation on the west side of Michigan who once was interviewed by the Detroit Lions. Networks of church planters are planting their second and third generation church plants. My heart is filled with stories of God acting in our region. I cannot wait to hear your reactions.

Will you help?

When I was in junior high school, I was a construction coordinator. In the area surrounding Flint, Michigan during the 70’s, a lot of us lived on 1-square mile roads. Homes lined the roadways while farmland or woodlands filled the interior between our homes. That was the case in my neighborhood.

One summer, my neighbors and I decided to build a cabin in the woodlands between our homes. There were fallen and standing trees. There were no adults to advise us. We were free to tackle the project when we wanted and how we wanted. We lugged tools from our houses to the woods. We took leftover timber from our fathers’ garages and used the pieces for our project. We sawed. We chopped. We sweat. We ate together. We laughed. We told stories. We became closer friends.

During those two consecutive years during the 70’s, all of us failed at the construction project. The cabin was never finished; but we succeeded at sharing life and growing up together rather than growing up alone. We shared life. We dreamed. We had conversations filled with questions and discovered the best answers together. I hope that is what we can achieve with this site.

Would you please share this site within your social network? Invite others to join us and I will do the same for you when you are ready to launch your initiative to others. Thank you for being a friend and sharing life with me.

Until next time.

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