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Cannot Diagnose from a Desk

Updated: Feb 28

Go ahead and take a close look at the image above, please.

Let’s play a game I played as a child and I now play as a papa with my grandchildren. It’s called “Can you find?” or “I Spy Something.” Can you locate the . . .

  • Desk?

  • Giraffe?

  • Bible?

  • SendNetworkMichigan.com website?

  • Microphone?

  • Stethoscope?

  • Pad and pencil?

  • Blood pressure cuff and machine?

  • Fireplace?

  • Mechanical pencil and empty notepad?

“The Recording Studio” is what I have dubbed a desk in my family room at the house. The desk, in itself, is worth discussing. My wife and I love repurposed pieces. We found the desk outside of an antique store at Eastern Market in Detroit. The vendor explores Greater Detroit gathering a mix of vintage items from every corner of the city. Some pieces come from sites where machines roared with the sound of manufacturing and other pieces come from spaces that were once filled with people quietly working to make their dreams come true. Heads down and sleeves rolled up, they toiled toward something important, something meaningful.

The desk is a collection of three pieces from three locations. The steel frame came from a manufacturing site where grease and grime built up with decades of use by workers who worked around the clock. The hardwood slats were taken from a well-worn floor in a different location where workers’ boots and shoes carried in snow, rain, and dust from the sidewalks of Detroit. The dark trim framing the hardwood slats came from the trim work in a distinctive attorney’s office where people’s problems were resolved or sometimes started. The desk tells a Detroit and Michigan story.

Why the strange assortment on the desk? I am having fun with you; but, the fun is for an important purpose. I laid out some medical instruments mixed in with the tools I use every day in my ministry. Planting churches everywhere for everyone is the driving force behind my life. I am keenly aware that I cannot make my dream become a reality from behind a desk. I must learn from those who are reaching the lost, creating disciples and planting churches. Now more than ever, I have become aware that I can share what I am learning from others with those of you who crave to know more.

All of us are different and those differences mixed with the leadership of the Holy Spirit can turn dreams into reality. There are those of us who analyze situations very well. There are those of us who find solutions. There are those of us who can lead former strangers into forceful collaborations for the Lord. I recently listened to a podcast from one of our illustrious seminary presidents who gushed about the diversity of our national network of churches. He said that he has more confidence in our network because we are a mixture of rural and urban churches. We are a mix of people from different ethnic backgrounds. We live in harmony in our churches though we have different levels of income. It is Christ and his mission entrusted to us that draws us together.

Please, come to DrTonyLLynn.com to subscribe and share what you can with others throughout your social network. There is no ownership here. Listen to the podcast of Tito and Mollie Diaz and prepare yourself for dozens of future interviews, posts and newsletter updates that will encourage your faith. By getting out from behind our desks and engaging people, both believers and those yet who have not believed, in real, 100% honest conversations can we discover the path that God wants us to take – after all the Bible is in the center of all that is on the desk. It will drive each one of us onto our respective pathways with the Lord leading.

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