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I know what you are thinking. Who is this guy? Why should I read anything he writes? Why should I listen to anything he says? Those are good questions, so let me explain...

Flint, Michigan is where I was born and raised. My family unconditionally loved me; whereas, the mood of Flint reminded me to work hard for what I wanted. By the time I was a high school senior and in my second year of working for an engineering firm, I saw a building I had designed constructed. However, out of that early success I was detoured toward a higher calling. I turned from building structures toward building lives. I studied for nine years after high school receiving a Bachelor of Arts, a Masters, and a Doctorate. I learned two ancient languages so I could better understand sacred writings. I learned two modern languages so I could share life with people while living on three continents. I have visited twenty-four countries with my spouse; and in the course of all of that mileage, I became student of culture, people, and spirituality. I am a curious person and I learn best by asking questions.

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